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Submission of a whistle-blower’s report


Submission of a whistle-blower’s report

In the Prosecutor’s Office one may blow a whistle regarding possible violations that can harm the public interests and that were observed by the relevant individual within the Prosecutor’s Office during his / her fulfilment of work (office) duties or establishing legal relations related to the fulfilment of work duties.

In turn, in order to blow a whistle regarding possible violations observed within another authority, one needs to turn to the relevant official in the competence of whom falls the examination of the specific issues on its merits.

Reports regarding the possible criminal offences observed shall be submitted to the investigating authority in accordance with the institutional jurisdiction indicated in Section 387 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

One can submit a report to the Prosecutor’s Office in one of the following ways:

  • by transmitting it electronically to an e-mail address created specifically for the receipt of whistle-blower’s reports: (the report must be either signed by a secure electronic signature or submitted by using online forms available on the Single State and Local Government Portal –;
  • by sending it by mail to the following address – Kalpaka bulvāris 6, Riga, LV-1801 (it is preferable for the report itself to be placed in a second envelope with an indication: “Whistle-blower’s report”);
  • in person – at the Kalpaka bulvāris 6, Riga, where in the premises of the Prosecutor’s General Office there is specifically located a mailbox with an indication: “For whistle-blower’s reports”.

One is able to consult regarding the issues of whistle-blowing either with a contact person of the Prosecution’s Office in the field of whistle-blowing – U.Kozlovskis by phone: + 371 67044863, or with the Whistle-blowers Contact Point – State Chancellery.

In the report one must indicate the following information about the submitter – name, forename, identity number and his / her contact information.

In the report, there must be provided the following information about the possible violation:

  • description of the violation, indicating the specific facts (enclosing copies of the relevant documents confirming the circumstances mentioned in the report, if such are at the disposal of the submitter);
  • information about natural or legal persons regarding whom / which there are grounds to consider that they are involved in the commission of the relevant violation;
  • wheatear the information about the violation was acquired whilst fulfilling one’s work duties;
  • wheatear the violation has already been reported previously (enclosing the relevant response if such has been provided).

The form of a report is available here:

For more information, please visit the web site of the State Chancellery –