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The Prosecution Office of the Republic of Latvia is headed by Prosecutor General Juris Stukāns.

The Prosecution Office is a judicial power institution that independently supervises compliance with law within the scope of its statutory competence. The task of the Prosecution Office is to respond to a violation of the law and to ensure that the cases are dealt with in the manner determined by law.

Prosecution Office Law

The Saeima has adopted, and the President of Latvia has promulgated the Prosecution Office Law.

The Prosecution Office Law includes:

  • Tasks, functions and principles of the Prosecution Office;
  • Powers of a prosecutor;
  • Structure of the Prosecution Office;
  • Operation of the Prosecution Office;
  • Compensation and guarantees of a prosecutor;
  • Representation of the Republic of Latvia at Eurojust, approval and appointment of relevant officials;
  • European Prosecutor and European Delegated Prosecutor;
  • Symbols of the Prosecution Office.


The prosecutor takes his or her decisions independently and alone.

The prosecutor bases his or her decisions on convictions and the law, observing:

  • the equality of persons before the law and the courts,
  • the presumption of innocence,
  • the truth and the law.

The prosecutor is independent of the influence of other public authorities or officials and observes only the rule of law.

Legal requirements of a prosecutor are mandatory for all persons in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

The office of prosecutor is not compatible with membership of political parties or other political organizations.

Public rallies, pickets, and other actions in the premises of the Prosecution offices are prohibited.

Mission of the Prosecution Office

The mission of the Prosecution Office is to ensure legality and justice, and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of persons and the State.

Vison of the Prosecution Office:

The Prosecution Office is an independent, professional, efficient, and modern judicial institution that serves the public.

Values of the Prosecution Office:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Independence
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Cooperation

The Prosecution Office is the only prosecuting authority in the country.

Currently, the activities of the Prosecution Office of the Republic of Latvia are in constant development.

It is influenced by the development processes of the legal system of the European Union, and by modern technologies.


Prosecutor’s oath (solemn promise).

  • The prosecutor takes an oath (solemn promise) after being appointed.
  • The prosecutor's oath (solemn promise) is accepted by the Prosecutor General.

Prosecutor’s attire and insignia (the badge):

  • While performing their duties in a court prosecutors wear a prosecutor's attire with an insignia (the badge) attached to it.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Prosecution office is included in the Register of Coats of Arms, indicating the Prosecution Office of the Republic of Latvia as the owner of the coat of arms.

  • The coat of arms has a purple shield containing a book with a paragraph mark on the left side, with a sword pointing upwards across it.
  • Three stars are placed in a semicircle above the shield.
  • The coat of arms is held by golden eagles resting on a silver ribbon bearing the motto “Dura lex, sed lex” meaning “The law is hard, but it is the law”.


The Prosecution Office of the Republic of Latvia was established on 26th of September 1990, by adopting the law “On Prosecutor Supervision in the Republic of Latvia”.

The Law became effective on the date of its adoption and stipulated:

  • the main principles of the organization and operation of the Prosecution Office;
  • the authority of prosecutors.